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      Product System -Core Competence

      Development History

      Apr. 2020

      Autoroad will cooperate with ERAE, a well-known Korean chassis control and ADAS system supplier, to provide 77GHz mid-range and short-range millimeter-wave radars for a certain Asian vehicle brand model.

      Mar. 2020

      Autoroad and Digen officially launched the production and supply of ADAS systems based on 77GHz millimeter wave radars for Chinese and global markets.


      December 2019, obtained quality management standard certification IATF 16949 : 2016

      Oct. 2019

      October 2019, 77GHz short-range millimeter-wave radar ASRR100 and 77GHz medium-range millimeter-wave radar AMRR112 (addition of altimetry, road recognition and auto-alignment) were launched at Autoroad's Fifth Anniversary and New Product Launch Conference.

      Sep. 2019

      September 2019, Autoroad signed strategic cooperation framework agreements respectively with Digen and ERAE target to jointly promoting the development of ADAS systems and mass production for cooperating OEMs

      Aug. 2019

      August 2019, Autoroad and Liangdao came to in-depth cooperation, target to jointly improve the automotive millimeter-wave radar test and evaluation and establishment of evaluation system

      Jul. 2019

      July 2019, Autoroad's SAR technology was recognized by "Global New Energy Vehicle's Frontier Technology" (2019 World New Energy Vehicle Conference)

      Jun. 2019

      Jun. 2019,The 77GHz medium-range millimeter wave radar has the function of height measurement and self-calibration, and is oriented to data fusion.

      May 2019

      May 2019, held the Second Automotive Radar High-end Forum together with SAE-China.

      May 2019

      May 2019, honored"Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprises"certification.

      Mar. 2019

      Mar. 2019, Autoroad and Soterea, a driverless technology research and development company, formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

      Dec. 2018

      Dec. 2018, the complete DV experiment of 77GHz MRR was completed.

      Dec. 2018

      Dec. 2018, the development, test and verification of the sample product of 79GHz SRR and its functions BSD and LCA were completed.

      Dec. 2018

      Dec. 2018, CEO Zhao Jie had a speech "From Sample Product to Product - How to Develop the Automotive Radar Facing Intelligent Driving" on "2018 China International Auto-driving Congress".

      Nov. 2018

      Nov. 2018, Autoroad 77GHz MRR was exhibited on 2018 bauma China.

      Nov. 2018

      Nov. 2018, Product Director had a speech about radar electromagnetic simulation on "2018 Annual Congress of China SAE".

      Oct. 2018

      Oct. 2018, CEO Zhao Jie had a speech "Automotive Radar Technology Change and Line of Products" on "The Third Intelligent Connected Vehicle Forum".

      Oct. 2018

      Oct., 2018, set up Automotive Millimeter Wave Radar Technology Lab.

      Sep. 2018

      Sep. 2018, invited by Tripod Tech to exhibite jointly on 2018 World IoT Expo.

      Aug. 2018

      August 2018, successfully completed small batch production of 77GHz medium-range millimeter wave radar.

      Jun. 2018

      June 2018, the car installed with Autoroad 77GHz medium-range radar showed ADAS functions of ACC and AEB in Galaxy Project launch event of Shanghai Automobile City.

      May 2018

      May 2018, held the First Automotive Radar High-end Forum together with Institute of Electronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and established a joint lab with the National Key Laboratory of Microwave Imaging Technology

      Mar. 2018

      March 2018, invited to Munich Electronica China to exhibit 79GHz SAR 2.0.

      Mar. 2018

      March 2018, visited by Valeo, the world-renown auto parts supplier.

      Mar. 2018

      March 2018, CEO Zhao Jie of Autoroad selected as “2018 China 25 Female Rising Stars in Business” by Forbes.

      Dec. 2017

      At the end of 2017, 77GHz medium-range radar completed more than 100,000km of road test.

      Nov. 2017

      November 2017, participated in 2017 Changshu Intelligent Vehicle Expo.

      Sep. 2017

      September 2017, participated in International Intelligent Vehicle Conference 2017 and won the honor of “Best Radar Suppliers of 2017”.

      Aug. 2017

      August 2017, invested and constructed the general assembly line in Suzhou.

      Jun. 2017

      June 2017, participated in the First Global Unmanned Conference and Expo (GUCE 2017).

      May 2017

      May 2017, visited by the State Radio Monitoring Center and Testing Center (SRTC).

      May 2017

      May 2017, visited by Senior Executives of STMicroelectronics.

      Mar. 2017

      March 2017, Completed 10-million level Series-A financing.

      Mar. 2017

      March 2017, participated in China (Chongqing) International Automotive Technology Expo.

      Mar. 2017

      March 2017, jointly exhibited with STMicroelectronics on Munich Electronica China.

      Feb. 2017

      February 2017, invited to IWPC (International Wireless Industry Consortium) Automotive Radar Sensor Professional Technology Seminar.

      Nov. 2016

      November 2016, visited by Audi driving assistance system experts.

      Oct. 2016

      October 2016, participated in the China-SAE Congress and Exhibition and exhibited the medium and short-range integrated radar.

      Sep. 2016

      September 2016, visited by senior technical managers of radar from the Daimler headquarter in Germany.

      Aug. 2016

      August 2016, 77GHz Medium-Range millimeter-wave radar 3.0 was launched.

      May 2016

      May 2016, visited by automotive electronics directors of ST, the famous worldwide chip supplier; visited by vehicle safety market directors of China and sales directors of the Asia-Pacific Region of Infineon, the famous worldwide chip supplier.

      May 2016

      May 2016, finished the technical communication with Intelligent Research Institute of Chang’an Auto.

      Apr. 2016

      April 2016, participated in the 2016 Beijing International Automobile Exhibition Auto Parts Show(the 14th), and demonstrated 77GHz millimeter-wave radar 1.0 and 2.0.

      Apr. 2016

      April 2016, visited by Shanghai New Technology Research Center and engaged in the road test of millimeter-wave radar with the real vehicle.

      Apr. 2016

      April 2016, cooperated with BAIC to launch 77GHz medium-range radar in the 2016 Beijing Automobile Exhibition, with main technical parameters comparable to international leading enterprises.

      Mar. 2016

      March 2016, visited by the sales directors of NXP in charge of China and Asia Pacific, the famous worldwide chip supplier.

      Sep. 2015

      September 2015, Long Range Millimeter Wave Radar 2.0.

      May 2015

      May 2015, Long Range Millimeter Wave Radar 1.0.

      Nov. 2014

      November 14, 2014, Beijing Autoroad Tech Co., Ltd. was established.

      Autoroad Supplies 77GHz Radar System for Asian Automobile Brand Autoroad will provide 77GHz MRR and SRR for CUV model of an Asian vehicle brand in batches, and develop product functions and provide engineering services for ADAS system requirements of customer models. More

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      Copyright 2018 Beijing Autoroad Tech. Co., Ltd. Addr.: 4F,Block H ,Wangjing International R & D Park NO.6 East Wangjing Road Chaoyang District,Beijing.

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